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Stuffed Spanish Onion $16

Two tall onion rings roasted with a choice of braised pork stuffing or mixed vegetables and cheddar cheese

Seared Sea Scallops $15

Fresh large sea scallops seared with garlic butter and chardonnay wine

Shrimp Scampi $15

Six large Black Tiger shrimp broiled with garlic butter and chardonnay

Shrimp Cocktail $15

Six large Black Tiger shrimp baked, chilled and served with cocktail sauce

Baked Portobello $14

Portobello cap baked with fresh tomato, red onion and garlic

French Onion Soup $9

Homemade caramelized onion soup baked with garlic crouton and swiss cheese

Soup of the Day $7


Garden Salad $10/12

Medley of red leaf lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, red onion, carrots and a choice of dressing

Caesar Salad $14

Crisp romaine hearts tossed in our anchovy dressing, garlic croutons and parmesan

Add to any salad: Portobello (poached w/chardonnay or baked w/garlic butter) $8, chicken breast $7, broiled salmon $8, grilled shrimp skewer $9

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